The City Of L.A. Could Soon Remove Vagrants From High-Risk Fire Zones

A step in the right direction...

On Wednesday, a Los Angeles City Council committee passed a draft ordinance that could potentially give law enforcement the right to kick vagrants out of high-risk fire areas.

“Once the ordinance is adopted … law enforcement will be able to give direct notice to individuals living in fire danger zones that they must move,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said last week at a news conference in Van Nuys. “That means that on these hot, red-flag days that come up during the summertime and increasingly year-round, we can now take a major step toward reducing the likelihood of encampment fires like we saw in 2017 with the Skirball Fire and last month in the Sepulveda Basin."

The ordinance would apply to high-risk fire areas and would be marked off by Cal Fire as "Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones". Most of those zones are in the San Fernando Valley.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, even the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority supports the removal of the homeless from those areas.

The ordinance is still awaiting full approval by the Los Angeles City Council. Check out all of the details here.

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