Upland Police Officer Is Generating A Lot Of Attention For His Department

When the Upland Police Department posted on Facebook a photo of Police Officer Jake Waste showing his arm tattoo with the caption "Join Our Team Today!" they probably didn't think it was going to go viral.

Well, they should have, because Officer Waste is pretty hunky, and as a result, the post has been shared hundreds of times and has generated thousands of comments from ladies (and men) all who want to express their appreciation for the post.

Comments like:

"God bless his mother. He's hot. Wait, what was this post about again?"

"I've never broken the law but I'm thinking I'm going to start and make sure it's in Upland."

"I have questions about the job. What's his phone number so I can inquire?"

"I'm pretty sure I've committed several serious and/or violent felonies in Officer Waste's jurisdiction. I'll surrender to him and him only, just name a time and place (any good sushi bar will work best for me) #EveryoneWantsATasteOfOfficerWaste

"I don't know where Upland is but I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice that I'm considering making use of finally."

"Ay dios mio! What the hell am I doing breaking laws and getting pulled over in Norco. I'll be in Upland tonight...driving...or walking...or jaywalking...or robbing that BigLots on Foothill."

Waste says he's having fun with all the attention, but the department is serious. They're looking for new recruits.

Upland Police Chief Darren Goodman told ABC7,

"We're looking for a new type of officer. We don't want people to feel like they can't consider a career in law enforcement because they have tattoos. We've changed our policy on that."

As for the attention Officer Waste and the Upland Police Department is getting, Goodman said:

"In the game of recruitment, all attention is good attention. We certainly weren't expecting this."

Gary & Shannon, well actually Gary & Jane Wells, spoke to Officer Waste today (and you know Shannon is upset that she missed this) Check it out!

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