Surveillance Video Showing Epstein's Death is Unusable

Jeffrey Epstein Appears In Manhattan Federal Court On Sex Trafficking Charges

Photo: Getty Images

According to the Washington Post, there was at least one camera in the hallway outside the cell of Jeffrey Epstein before his death.

Three people briefed on the evidence have come forward and said that the footage showing Epstein hanging himself earlier this month is unusable. There is no word if there was clearer security footage captured in the area.

It was not explained why the video footage outside Epstein's cell is not usable footage, but this incident has led the FBI and the Justice Department's inspector general's office to investigate the situation. They are hoping to determine what actually happened and see if there were any crimes committed or policies violated.

In inquiries similar to Epstein's case the footage showing the incident is extremely critical. The Metropolitan Correctional Center's revelation that the footage can not be used shows yet another failure in their downtown Manhattan prison facility.

However, it's not clear if the flaw in the tape was only affected during a limited time or if it's an actual problem in all their footage.

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Prisons, FBI, the Justice Department, and the U.S attorney's office in Manhattan declined to comment to the Post on this new information.

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