It's Only The Preseason People!

Really people? Can we just go to a sporting event and enjoy ourselves and NOT fight with each other?

This weekend the Los Angeles Rams were playing the Denver Broncos at the Coliseum. (FYI, the Rams won 10-6.)

At halftime, suddenly a fight broke out between a few men and women and it was, of course, captured on video by several people surrounding them because what else do you do now when people are beating the crap out of each other except pull your phone out and start recording.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube and shows people punching each other, and throwing drinks over what, no one really knows.

Whoever uploaded it to YouTube added the following caption:

"A huge fight broke out a few rows in front of us at the Rams vs Denver Broncos game. It all happened so suddenly. I don't know who or why it started. A real gem of a mother was in the middle of it all holding her baby while screaming at some other lady."

Yes, that's right, watch closely at the lady HOLDING THE BABY egging the fight on.

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