Cities with the Best Work/Life Balance

Living in Los Angeles is great. We have beaches, mountains, wine country, and desert all close by - literally something for everyone - thriving businesses, whole industries, tons of entertainment options, and more. So Dr. Wendy and Producer Brooke were shocked to see the results of a study about which cities have the best work/life balance.

There are important points for bosses to consider regarding their employees. They may think work, work, work must mean extraordinary productivity...however, a good work/life balance can enable employees to feel more in control of their working life and lead to INCREASED productivity, lower absenteeism and a happier, less stressed workforce. All are things that mean getting the best out of their employees.

A work/life balance is good for health! A new study shows that a poor work-life balance in midlife may have negative consequences decades later. Several studies have shown that long working hours are bad for one's health, with adverse effects on cardiovascular and mental health.

Listen to Dr. Wendy discuss the importance of work/life balance in more detail. The study, "Cities for the Best Work-Life Balance 2019," (courtesy of Kisi) includes U.S cities and an international version as well.

And where did L.A. land? Hmmph, not even in the top 10! (Traffic Sucks!)

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