San Francisco Finally Does Something About Waterfront Attacks

San Francisco's Embarcadero district, is one of the most scenic areas of the city and home to several waterfront attractions. It's a place where people go to walk around and have a good time.

But lately, it's been the scene of several random, violent altercations that have residents and tourists fearing simply walking down the street.

Some of the most recent incidents:

August 11: Paneez Kosarian was attacked at the door of her condo complex on Beale Street, by a man who claimed he was 'saving her from robots taking over the world'. The incident was caught on video (see above) and a suspect, Austin James Vincent, 25, was identified. Police later arrested Vincent by tracking him by his court ordered ankle monitor, and turns out he was receiving treatment in a residential facility. He was charged with false imprisonment, battery, and attempted robbery. Kosarian says the suspect looked to be 'on drugs' or suffering from 'some kind of psychosis' during the attack. The suspect has pleaded not guilty.

August 27: Just before 10pm on Beale Street, a man was punched in the face by another man who was running by.

August 28: Around 10am, an adult male punched another man in the face on the street. After the victim fell to the ground, the suspect went through the victim's pockets. The suspect, Ali Thompson, 29,was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, robbery and possession of stolen property. Police say that Ali had 'no local address' but would not say if he was homeless.

In response to these attacks, city officials met and discussed what they could do to prevent future incidents.

In a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle, Mayor London Breed said:

"I am deeply concerned about the recent high-profile incidents in the city, which is why I gathered the relevant department heads to discuss how we can respond and what we are doing proactively to make sure our residents feel safe. Safety is always our top priority and we want all our residents to feel secure in their neighborhood."

Breed said the city is adding extra police foot patrols, including 'crisis intervention officers' specially trained to deal with mental health and behavioral issues. He also says Homeless Outreach Teams will increase in the area.

A new 200 bed shelter has been proposed in the area, which is a prime attraction for tourists, but residents have been fighting against it saying the facility will draw more crime and drug use.

After city officials pushed back at complaints, citing reports that violent crimes in San Francisco are down 14%, construction on the site began last month and is expected to be completed in January.

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