Police Say Suspect In 11 Fires in Studio City Is A 'Serial Arsonist'

Someone purposely set fires in Studio City this morning.

ELEVEN fires to be exact.

Between 4am and 6am, L.A. County firefighters responded to calls of fires at eleven different locations, within blocks of each other, in the area of 11300 West Ventura Blvd.

The fires were started in dumpsters, trash piles and cars, several of them set close to structures.

While all the fires were put out quickly, and without injuries to the public or firefighters, Captain Patrick Leonard told KTLA that they all posed "a significant threat to the community." In one instance, one of the fires was "next to a gas station, so we could have had explosions," Leonard said.

Because of the time frame and close proximity of all the fires, arson investigators were called in immediately and thanks to surveillance video, investigators were able to narrow down a suspect who was located and arrested.

The suspect's name has not been released but the L.A. County Fire Department described him as "a previously convicted serial arsonist."

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