Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know - Burning Man 2019 Edition!

Burning Man 2019 has a whole slew of wild and interesting activities available for participants.

Let's take a look at them!

Honorable Mention - Ho ho ho it's Sourdough: You just eat sourdough bread for 3 hours

9 - Socially Appropriate Burp Day: A full day of celebrating burping

8 - Sensual Haircuts: I think you get it...

7 - CHILL THE F— OUT and COLOR! & Nicolas Cage Coloring Chill Space: Just do that, and then with his face.

6 - JFJ's Canned Meat Symposium: Only the finest canned meats.

5 - Morning YODEL!: 'Cause that's how you want to start the morning.

4 - Bob Ross & Chill: You just watch his show to electronic beats.

3 - The Birthing Canal: You go in, you come out, and you get spanked.

2 - AA Meetings: For the sober Burners.

1 - Scarbutts Coffee and Spankings: From a wide coffee and spanking menu.

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