How Low Can You Go?


I mean come ON!

How low can someone be to steal from a CHILD?

Behold these two idiots.

Police in Philly say these two pieces of work decided to break into a home in the early morning hours Thursday. As they snuck around like cockroaches in the night with flashlights, Jordana Astrologo, her boyfriend and her son were sleeping upstairs and had no idea anyone was in the house.

The burglars, not knowing they were being filmed, ended up in the kitchen where they came across a jackpot....a child's piggy bank.

One of these lowlifes decided that they just absolutely could not leave until they helped themselves to the change within it. You can hear on the video the coins rattle as one of the robbers grabs his loot.

When Jordana woke up the next morning, she saw the kitchen was not as she left it, so she checked her camera, and that's when she found the video and saw one of the burglars wiping his fingerprints off the piggy bank.

Jordana says the piggy bank was her 4-year-old son's and he was saving money up for a trip to Dave & Buster's.

So far the men have not been identified, but other neighbors believe these are the same guys that have broken into their homes in the last few months.

Police can't say for sure if the robberies are related, but rest assured, everyone is looking out for the two idiots that stole from a child, so they can post their mugshots and label them the Piggy Bank Bandits!

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