What About Greenland?


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In case, you live under a rock. You've might've missed the news about President Trump and his interest in purchasing Greenland.

We'll give you a quick break down.

The President tweeted that he was going to purchase Greenland and planned on visiting the country later this week.

But then things took a wild turn because Trump cancelled his trip to Denmark because Mette Frederiksen criticized his attempt to buy Greenland.

This led the President to call the situation absurd.

Originally, it seemed like the whole purchase of Greenland was a joke but then it got serious.

Except, it's not that simple.

According to Bryan Suits, the United States has basically been in control of Greenland for decades now.

The Danish Government,back in 1943, let the United States use their land for air fields and bases.

Plus, Suits believes that this whole mess is basically a "nontroversy".

If you're not sure that means, it's a term coined by Suits that basically means (it's not a controversy).

So once again it seems like we got caught up in a media storm that was just another waste of our time.

Listen to Suits and GaS discuss it below:

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