#TechTalk: What's Next For Wireless Headphones & iPhones

Are you in the market for some new wireless headphones?

Have you considered Human Headphones?

Sure, they may have a standard price of $399, but what's that when you get to hear music and stuff!

(note the sarcasm...)

Okay, so they may be pricey, but Human Headphones are still pretty cool. All of the wireless headphones that we see on the market are small and compact. There's really no argument about how convenient and nice it is to be able to toss them in your pocket or bag without them taking up space. But, they're all in-ear headphones.

That's where Human Headphones come into the picture.

They are over-hear headphones, meaning that they have a totally different sound quality and experience.

According to CNET, these headphones have two other features that make Human Inc.'s product pretty unique. First, they can act as a Bluetooth speaker. Second, they have a language translation mode.

It looks like Apple is going to run out a new bunch of iPhones next month, so everyone is asking the same question:

What are the new iPhones going to have?

Well, MacRumors has the info, and we have the breakdown!

  1. 3 Sizes - 5.8, 6.1, and 6.5-inches
  2. OLED & LCD Displays - It just depends on the model you pick
  3. Triple-Lens Rear Camera - 3 different lenses for different photo styles
  4. Frosted Glass Back - 'Cause it's gotta look good
  5. Bilateral Wireless Charging - More ease and more options
  6. A13 Chip - It'll be faster and more efficient

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