Stolen Kitten Found Hurt In Homeless Encampment, Vagrant Charged

San Clemente is struggling with a vagrant problem... That's nothing new, but now the homeless are starting to steal pets from residents in the city, and the police say it's very concerning.

So much so, that the Orange County Sheriff's Department is urging pet owners in San Clemente to carefully watch their animals, and always be aware of their surroundings.

Most recently, a four-month-old Siamese kitten was taken by a vagrant.

“This is very concerning,” said Orange County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Ed Mannhart, police chief in San Clemente. “The pet in this situation has serious health issues. We need to keep a closer eye on our pets just because they are being taken.”

The kitten, named Kona, was found in a homeless tent after a woman posted photos of the seemingly lost animal in a page on Facebook. (View the post here: San Clemente police say this is the third pet taken by a vagrant in just the last two months.

Kona's case is still being investigated, but the homeless woman she was found with has been charged with animal cruelty and misappropriation.

“Nobody in the community wants them (homeless people) near them,” Mannhart said.

The kitten is now awaiting surgery to remove her left eye.

Kona's owner will join the John and Ken Show on Thursday at 5 PM to discuss what exactly happened, how the kitten was found, and what pet owners should do to protect their own animals...

Read the full story on the Orange County Register.

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