North Hollywood Park Restrooms Will Now Kick You Out After 10 Minutes

A park in North Hollywood has put some funding behind their latest project - automated restrooms. The new revamp has turned to automation to keep toilets clean. Rec and Parks director Michael Shull says the facility takes care of itself. The facility sprays disinfectant all around, every 30 uses through jets. If your private time takes a bit long, you may want to consider another area. The restrooms will only give people a maximum of ten minutes to do their business and will sound an alarm if people overstay their visit. Councilman Paul Krekorian tells KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck that the $185,000 facility is a safety improvement.

"Bathrooms are a target for vandalism. They're a target for all sorts of unsavory kinds of activities."

The maintenance won't be all self-efficient, however. An app was created to keep human staff informed.

"Through an app, it will be able to notify our maintenance staff that the toilet paper or the soap is low in the restroom. It will let us know if something is not functioning properly."

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