McDonald’s Launches a New Type of Restaurant

There haven't been too many breakthroughs when it comes to fast food restaurants since the invention of the drive-thru...until now!

McDonald's is changing the game as it just launched its first "McDonald's to Go" restaurant in London.

Now, you may be wondering...what makes it so special?

The restaurant only serves takeout, it replaces cashiers with electronic touchscreens and is completely stripped of decor and furniture.

Business Insider reporter Caroline Frost visited the new restaurant and documented her experience.

Some excerpts:

The touchscreens were simple to use, with easy instructions and pictures. Once you've paid, you take your receipt to the collection point and wait for your number. Unlike other McDonald’s, you can only order on the touchscreens and they only take card.
This menu has apparently been stripped down, but I spotted all of McDonald’s most familiar offerings on there, like Big Macs and McNuggets.

Read more about McDonald's to Go HERE.

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