Daughter Gigi Launches The James Garner Animal Rescue Fund

Photo Courtesy Of The James Garner Animal Rescue Fund

When the legendary actor James Garner passed away in 2014, there was no funeral, no memorial service or any way for his fans to pay their respects... There was also no foundation set up in his name, and it took a while for his daughter, Gigi Garner, to finally figure out how she wanted to genuinely honor his legacy.

But now, she's found it. And she has just officially launched The James Garner Animal Rescue Fund (JGARF) in the name of her animal-loving father.

"He rescued dogs and was a huge animal lover. There wasn't a dog or a baby that my dad did not want to meet," says Gigi. "And I’ve been rescuing dogs for three decades. This seemed like a good fit to honor his legacy."

The funds raised through donations will all be used to aid rescue organizations, shelters, individuals, fosters and vets with...

  • ​Emergencies
  • Evacuations
  • Medical Care
  • Adoptions
  • Training
  • Pet Supplies
  • Shelter
  • Rehab
  • Boarding
  • Transportation
  • Food

Conway and the Crew are happy to announce that Gigi will also be joining us live on the show, Monday night at 8 PM!

Make sure you're listening to KFI AM 640 to hear about the new charity foundation.

"Humans have been given the huge responsibility of having dominion over animals, which I believe means that it is our duty as human beings to take care of them. They are innocent unconditionally loving creatures at our mercy, and there is no excuse for animal abuse." - Gigi Garner

Check out the James Garner Animal Rescue Fund here!

If you would like to make a donation to help animals in honor of James Garner, click HERE!

"It's for any dog in need. It's important to carry on with the work, and do it in my dad's honor," says Gigi. "I think he'd be proud."

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