#TerrorInTheSkies: Delta Delay Dust Up & Moscow Miracle Merit

Long flights are awful.

Long layovers may be even worse. (At least you're getting somewhere while you're flying...)

Do you know what the absolute worst thing is, though? Long delays. More specifically, long delays while you're stuck ON THE PLANE!

Welcome to the plight of those who were stuck on Delta flight 2385 last night.

They were at JFK.

They were stuck in their plane.

They were delayed for 8 HOURS!

Port Authority Police ultimately boarded the plane, but according to FOX5, no arrests were made.

Juan Andres Ahmad was on the flight and he described the chaos that ensued.

"8 HOURS and counting. Captain had 'no idea' where the ground crew was. Parked in a 'remote gate' in JFK. No food, no water. A fight broke out, police was called. A NIGHTMARE."
"This has gotten out of control - there are people fighting each other and it’s gotten both verbal and physical. Police are on the plane! Complete chaos! I understand weather delays and we all want to be safe but this is not about weather but about how Delta has handled it."

You remember Damir Yusupov, right?

The pilot we met yesterday? (You can click right here if you need a refresher...)

Well, if you don't, he essentially became famous overnight by becoming the Russian version of "Sully." His plane was taking off from a Moscow airport when a flock of birds took out both engines. Yusupov was able to safely land the plane in a nearby cornfield, saving all 223 passengers.

According to Daily Mail, Vladimir Putin announced today that he will present Yusupov and his co-pilot with the Hero of Russia award, the highest honor available in the country.

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