Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theorists peddling sci-fi novel written by AG William Barr’s late dad

9 - Pennsylvania couple is charged for faking birth and death of their baby to scam family and friends for gifts and donations

8 - Rochester airport security worker fired after passing mean note to traveler

7 - School official wants to punish kids with unpaid lunch debt by serving them only tuna sandwiches

6 - Florida cougar situation solved when police discover it is MMA and boxing champ Tyrone Spong's big cat

5 - Man sells old Nikes running shoes for $50,000

4 - Ohio man accused of committing 10 felonies against 7 people in 21 minutes

3 - Man shot dead at Orlando topless bar

2 - Carnival Fantasy ship earns the line’s worst sanitation grade ever

1 - Florida man arrested after chugging $7 bottle of wine in Walmart bathroom

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