Does Napping Lead To Alzheimer’s Disease? Dr. Ray Joins Us To Discuss

Dr. Raymond Casciari is a physician in Orange, California and is affiliated with St. Joseph Hospital-Orange. He received his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years!

He joined the Conway Show to discuss why daytime sleepiness and a need for naps just might be a sign of Alzheimer's disease...

It's all according to a new research study published by the University of California San Francisco. Scientists measured brain regions that are associated with wakefulness, in both individuals with Alzheimer's disease, as well as those that didn't have it.

“In this particular study, we were curious if a specific network within the brain stem and subcortical regions are affected in Alzheimer’s disease. We found that the network, which [promotes] wakefulness, is obliterated in Alzheimer’s disease,”Joseph Oh, the study’s lead author and a staff research associate in the Grinberg Lab Memory and Aging Center at the Weill Institute for Neurosciences at UCSF, told Healthline.

“These regions have been historically less focused on in Alzheimer’s disease research. However, we and several others have shown that these regions are highly involved in the disease pathogenesis,” he added.

Listen below to hear what Dr. Ray has to say about the new study!

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