Guards Assigned to Watch Jeffrey Epstein Were Asleep During Their Shift

Jeffrey Epstein Appears In Manhattan Federal Court On Sex Trafficking Charges

Photo: Getty Images

Uh oh.

Seems like somebody wasn't doing "their job" correctly.

According to the New York Post, the two Manhattan jailed guards assigned with monitoring Jeffrey Epstein fell asleep on the job before Epstein died. Even worse, they apparently fabricated the log entries showing they checked on him and other inmates.

Upon further investigation, surveillance video reviewed after Epstein's alleged suicide showed that the guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center never made on of the inspected their logs claimed they did.

Prison and law enforcement officials confirmed that the guards were asleep during this time and failed to check in on Epstein three hours before his death.

This apparently led Epstein to have hung himself with a bedsheet early Saturday in his cell at the Lower Manhattan jail.

Due to the guards failure to check on Epstein and fabricating their logs, they may be subject to be charged with a federal crime.

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