Father Of Accused Killer Of CHP Officer Speaks Out


On Monday evening, a man engaged California Highway Patrol officers in a freeway shootout. During the shootout, which took place in Riverside on the 215 Freeway near Eastridge and Eucalyptus, one CHP officer was killed. He suspect also died.

Now the father of the suspect is speaking out, claiming that his son might have been seeking death "at the hands of police."

“I think he just thought he didn’t have much to live for, might have been suicide by the police,” Dennis Luther told KTLA. “It’s just unfortunate that he happened to hurt anybody but himself.”

Luther also said his son was facing marital problems at home, and had recently run out of money. However he doesn't believe he was trying to hurt anyone specific.


Officer Andre Moye was shot and killed, and two other officers were injured before the suspect was shot to death.

“We’re standing behind law enforcement,” Dennis Luther said in the interview. “I sent a prayer for the police before I did for my son..."

“If the police think this was a coordinated effort, I don’t believe that, knowing my son,” Dennis Luther added. “He was on his own, and he was a desperate man.”

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California Highway Patrol Officer Killed in Gun Battle Near Freeway
California Highway Patrol Officer Killed in Gun Battle Near Freeway
The driver of a truck that was about to be impounded pulled out a rifle and began firing at police during a traffic stop.


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