Active Shooter Drill Held at California State University Long Beach

active shooter exercise held at CSULB

Students and staff at California State University Long Beach participated in an active shooter drill on Friday

CSULB Emergency Preparedness Manager Alyson Joy said volunteers were told to act injured as part of the drill.

"They were all given victim cards that show the nature of their injuries, so they're acting out whatever was on their card," Joy said.

The training wasn't just for cops who might respond to the shooting.

"We were simulating all the phone calls into our dispatch center so that our dispatchers got the training as well. They deployed teams like it was the real thing," Joy told KFI's Corbin Carson. "There were live victims, they had to triage them, they had to bring them out."

Live, non-lethal rounds were also fired during the training exercise and a mass causualty trauma center was also set up, Joy said.

Campus officials want to be proactive when it comes to preparing for any mass casualty or active shooter events, Joy said.

Photo: Corbin Carson

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