Four Killed in Southern California Stabbing Attack

Four people were killed and two others injured by a suspect who went on a stabbing and armed robbery rampage over the course of two hours Wednesday in Orange County, Southern California, police said.

Zachery Castaneda, 33, was described by police as "pure evil" and someone "full of anger" after he was taken into custody Wednesday night at a 7-Eleven store in Santa Ana, following a two hour stabbing spree that ended with the suspect allegedly disarming and killing a security guard.

Police were initially called out to a burglary at an apartment complex where the suspect lived, but found no one injured. Then, a second call was received from the same complex where two stabbing victims had been found just after 5 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, Garden Grove police said. One male victim was discovered inside the apartment and pronounced dead at the scene, while another male victim was found on the balcony and taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where he was later pronounced dead as well.

"We believe our two victims in the apartment somehow confronted the suspect and an altercation occurred,'' Garden Grove Police Department Lt. Carl Whitney said. "We've learned, so far, that our suspect does reside here in the same apartment complex.''

Around 4:25 p.m. an armed robbery at a bakery was reported, involving a male suspect who was possibly armed with a knife and handgun. No one was injured in that incident.

About an hour later, a nearby check-cashing business was robbed, allegedly by the same suspect who was reported to be armed with a knife. No one was injured during the course of that crime, police said.

However, 20 minutes later, police received reports of another stabbing, this time of a female victim in her 50s who was stabbed multiple times during a robbery at an insurance business. The suspect reportedly used "some sort of machete knives" to stab the female employee.

"This female employee was very brave,'' Whitney said. "This guy was armed with knives. She fought as best she could against this armed suspect and sustained multiple stab wounds.''

Then, a man who was pumping gas at a Chevron station nearly had his nose severed by the suspect and also stabbed in the back. Police say he is expected to survive.

"A lot of citizens came forward and rendered aid to the guy with his nose nearly that was nearly severed off,'' Whitney said. "They were willing to come forward and help the police department, give us information that was crucial in getting this guy identified and help this guy who was stabbed and sustained serious injuries. The public really stepped up to help this guy.''

Then, at around 6:15 p.m., police received another call about a stabbing at a Subway restaurant that left one employee dead. The suspect allegedly went across the street where he allegedly stabbed a security guard, fatally wounding him and taking his gun.

"We have video that shows him attacking these people and conducting these murders,'' Whitney said. "So, that's going to be great evidence for us for prosecution.''

The suspect and all four people who were killed were Hispanic males, police said.

"These were random acts of violence -- our suspect was not involved with any of the victims,'' said Whitney.

Whitney said the man's only motives were robbery and "pure hate.''

The suspect was arrested

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