#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelorette Report with Petros

I am so sorry.

I thought we escaped it.

I thought our scheduling issues had saved us from the finale report.

I thought we were free to live our lives again.

I was wrong.

I underestimated you.

I underestimated your desire for Petros and your desire for PURE TORTURE!

But, because of your masochism, we brought Petros back for one more Bachelorette Report.

Did Jed really have a girlfriend during the show?

Did he end things with her before he left?

How does Hannah feel about it all?

How is it different from her dating and sleeping with multiple guys during the show?

How do all of the people move forward after the finale?

Petros breaks it all down!

Still have a hankering for Petros? You can get as much as you desire at AM570 LA Sports

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