Timmy Texts his Number Neighbor!

So, we're not sure if you heard about this but apparently texting your 'number neighbor' is a new thing.

It's a new trend from the internet and its really taking off.

It's a little weird because its encouraging people to text complete strangers.

Still confused on how its works?

Let's break it down.

Our 'textdoor neighbor' is the person who has the phone number that is completely identical to ours except for the last digit which is either one greater or one less.

So if your number ends with a 3, you text the person with your same number except for the last digit. In this instance it be 2 or 4.

It's a hit or miss. You could make a friend or your number could want nothing to do with you.

Of course, Tim Conway Jr. and the crew had to get on this trend.

Wanna know how it turns out

Listen to find out what happens to Conway and crew below:

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