Protesters Resist President Trump's Visit to El Paso


Photo: Getty Images

President Trump has spent the week visiting the towns who suffered a mass shooting this past weekend.

His first visit was in Dayton, Ohio.

His time there went differently than planned.

When the President's team first planned this visit, the goal was for Trump to meet with the emergency and hospital workers to thank them for their service. He then wanted to pay his respects with the families and victims of the shooting.

Things started off great once he landed in Dayton and was immediately greeted by city officials. As he drove to the hospital, he was met with pro-Trump signs and flags. Everything seemed to be going well, until it wasn't

It seemed not everyone was excited for the President's visit.

As he made his way to the hospital he was finally face to face with protesters who came together to meet the President. Signs such as "Dump Trump" and "Do Something" were a part of the protesters.

But Trump supporters did continue to show up.

This protest was just a few blocks from the hospital and ultimately became the topic of the day.

Not the President paying the respects to the victim.

This is just another example of everyone making things about themselves.

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