Facebook Removed the Area 51 Event "Accidentally"

Travel Destination: Western USA

Photo: Getty Images

Who's still trying to 'see them aliens'?

Things have taken the turn for the worse because Facebook has taken the 'Raid Area 51' event down.

Wait, what?

Is this part of the conspiracy?

Apparently not because Facebook said it was an 'accident'. The event page was down for a few days. Why did it take that long to come back up?

Facebook said it mistakenly took it down for violating its user terms but has since put it back up. They cited an error on their part.

The satirical event, inviting conspiracy theorists everywhere to converge on Area 51, has gone viral in recent weeks. More than two million on Facebook say they're going.

It just seems a little weird that it was completely taken down.

Maybe it was the aliens.

For more information, please read here.

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