Aspiring Rapper Gets Probation, Jail for Freeway Stunt

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - An aspiring rapper who snarled downtown traffic during the morning commute for nearly two hours last summer by climbing atop a sign to drape banners over the roadway pleaded no contest to three misdemeanors today.

Alexander Dunn -- who goes by the stage name Dephree -- was immediately sentenced to three years probation and 90 days in jail.

According to the City Attorney's Office, Dunn pleaded no contest to charges of disobeying a peace officer, public nuisance and trespassing to interfere with business. In addition to the probation and jail time, he was also ordered to pay a variety of fines, including restitution payments to Caltrans and the Los Angeles Police Department.

He was also ordered to make a $1,000 donation to a nonprofit group that provides transportation for the elderly or disabled. He was also ordered to remove any videos of the freeway stunt from his social media accounts.

The June 27, 2018, stunt was purportedly carried out for use in a music video. It played havoc with commuters during the morning rush hour, causing extensive backups.

Dunn scaled an exit sign on the Harbor (110) Freeway and hung banners that included the slogans ``fight pollution not each other'' and ``give a hoot, don't pollute.'' He recorded himself while perched on the sign, and his running commentary included chants of ``fight pollution not each other'' and a statement that ``big oil has bought our government.''

The CHP closed the southbound 110 Freeway between the Hollywood (101) Freeway and the Third Street on-ramp, as well as the transition road from the southbound 101 to the southbound 110 to limit traffic from entering the area. The Los Angeles Fire Department also responded, placing giant air bags below the sign as a precaution and extending ladders to the sign.

Dunn, who was wearing only shorts, back-flipped onto an air bag and was immediately taken into custody. He was released from jail the following day.

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