Emoji House Causing Tension as Neighbors Head to City Council to Remove it

A hot pink house has created a lot of hostility in Manhattan Beach. A neighborhood that's typically reserved for homes of neutral tone has been shaken up after an owner has used paint to express her anger. A neighbor reported home owner, Kathryn Kidd, for leasing short term rentals on her property in a neighborhood where it is illegal. Kidd was fined $4000 and told to unlist her property from sites like AirBnb. The house, located on 39th street, features a bright pink base with two big emojis on it. The top emoji is of a face with thick eyelashes, rolling eyes, and sticking its tongue out. The bottom emoji has the same eyes, but with a zipper for the mouth, aka. the "shut up" emoji.

"She's telling us to shut up. That's the shut up emoji," says Susan Wieland, the neighbor who reported the homeowner. Wieland also told LA Times that when she confronted Kidd, she'd been wearing eyelash extensions.

"it is absolutely a message."

Another neighbor told KFI's Monica Rix that the emoji's have become an eyesore.

"The emoji's don't belong it. They don't belong in anybody's neighborhood," one man added.

Neighbors say the house also has caused traffic jams in their quiet neighborhood. Lots of people have stopped to take pictures and selfies.

Neighbors plan to petition the city council tonight hoping that officials will demand change or at least a new coat of paint.

"The city council's going to have to do something one way or the other. I think they'll realize they've got a big issue on their hand and hopefully they do the right thing and force this person to repaint the house."

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