SHLS - Lancaster Commissioner Killed in Car Crash

Lancaster Commissioner Shannon McDonald was killed in a car crash this weekend.

CBS reports that she is remembered for being a compassionate and dedicated woman.

Rex Parris, the Lancaster Mayor, made a statement saying:

"Shannon was a great community member who cared deeply about the success of our city. She continually engaged positively in our progress and success. She will be missed. We ask everyone to pray for her family in this time of need."

At around 12:45 pm, McDonald was driving with three of her children all between the ages of 5-12 on 40th Street West. Then, a collision occurred between McDonald and a man in his 30s driving a pickup truck attempting to turn left from Avenue L.

Detective Gilberto Borruel said, "I've had the liberty to look inside the Suburban and the intrusion on the vehicle is pretty deep so definitely there was blunt force trauma".

McDonald died at the Antelope Valley Hospital. The three children went to Children's Hospital Los Angeles and are expected to survive.

Borruel stated, "Speed does not appear to be a factor however alcohol does appear to be a primary collision factor in this investigation right now".

The driver of the pickup was questioned at the Antelope Valley Hospital, where Borruel said, "He did tell me that he consumed alcohol prior to driving his vehicle".

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