Scott Garriola from the FBI Needs Help

Justice Dept Finds FBI Abuse Of Patriot Act Provision

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Scott Garriola is an FBI Agent and he's about to retire. Before he retires, he wants to try to get bring all of his cases to a close.

Currently, there are 12 fugitives missing and they are all suspected of committing violent crimes and to have fled to Mexico.

Garriola says, "We have pretty much exhausted normal investigative methods. That's why we are trying this [public appeal]".

He went on to say, "These were all my cases, and I am trying to not only bring closure on my side but also bring closure to these victims' families".

The list of fugitives is:

  • Andres Zambrano
  • Baldomero Barrientos Banuelos
  • Carlos Felino Hernandez
  • Cesar Soltero Herrera
  • Cesar Villarreal
  • Manuel Virgen-Galven
  • Steven Giovanni Aguilar-Medina
  • Evelin Martinez
  • Saul Aguilar Jr.
  • Carlos Vasquez Serrano
  • Ricardo Villa
  • Xochitl (Sochill) Aurora De La Torre

For full descriptions and what they are wanted for, go to the LAist.

To hear him talk about these people and tell some of his stories as an Agent, check out his interview with Gary and Shannon below!

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