Ex-Con Opens Prison Food Pop-Up

A new pop-up in Venice will give people a taste of prison – literally! Ex-con Andrew Medal spent years in prison for a probation violation, after getting into a fight in Vegas in 2002. Now, he's bringing some of his experience back to the community with a food pop-up.

Medal says people can get a number of delicacies at the pop-up, including a prison fave: a cheese sandwich. The pop-up, on Friday night, was located in the Brigs parking lot off Abbot Kinney and was free to all visitors. The pop-up was inspired to help others see that there is a real need for prison reform.

"We're making light of the fact that there's not actual gourmet food in prison and it's to bring awareness to a program I created called "Street Smarter."

After being released from prison, Medal started several businesses and now works to help others succeed when they get out too. He teaches a program to inmates on how to code and be successful after lock-up.

"There's obviously a real need for change."

He also went on to tell KFI's Monica Rix that about 55-percent of inmates in California go back to prison after their release. He says he hopes his programs and fun events like pop-ups will raise awareness about prison reform.

The prison food pop-up ran just for one night on Abbot Kinney.

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