BODYCAM VIDEO! Officer DRAGGED along Freeway!

This type of story just happened the other day, when a woman was pulled over for broken tail light and takes off instead of just signing the $80 ticket. This time, it was way more dangerous.

A Dunwoody, Georgia police officer is recovering from surprisingly minor injuries after a driver sped away from a traffic stop, dragging the officer as he dangled out the window. The suspect apparently was trying to lose the officer, so he kept ramming his vehicle up against other cars at full speed.

According to Sgt. Robert Parsons of the Dunwoody Police Department, officers pulled over Derek Simpson under suspicion of operating a handheld device while driving. That's it.. pulled over

for a hands-free ticket.

Officer Nathan Daley stopped Simpson and while he was at the driver's window, Simpson allegedly put the vehicle into gear, so Daley tried to stop him. Dashcam footage from another officer's patrol car caught the 2019 Chevy Malibu speed away with Officer's Daley's body dangling from the driver's window.

As Simpson attempts to get onto 285 Freeway, along the entrance ramp is where he is slamming Daley's body against other cars. Once Simpson was on the Freeway, Daley still clinging for his life, Simpson swerves into a white truck and knocks Daley off his Malibu and into the middle of moving traffic. Simpson speeds away.

Officers caught up to the Simpson after he was apparently involved in a crash with other drivers. Simpson fled on foot off the side of the freeway but was later taken into custody, according to police.

Daley was taken to the hospital, treated and released within hours. He's expected to make a full recovery.

Daley joked.

"I accept donations in the form of sweets,"

It's not clear what charges Simpson will face for his alleged involvement in the chase. But, we do know it will be way worse than it would've been for driving and testing!

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