#TechTalk: How Tech Can Actually Save You Money

Your living costs just keep racking up.

The kids need new clothes and materials for school.

The air conditioning bill is sky high.

Your husband went out a bought a new gadget./Your wife went out and bought another purse. (Whichever applies to you...)

You just need to save some money.

Have you tried turning to tech?

It sounds to good to be true, I know, but there are some apps, options, and tips with technology that could save you really money.


  • Flipp - A shopping app that send you circulars and coupons for local stores.
  • eBay/Craigslist/Letgo - Need something? Check here first. A lt of items are brand new and cheaper than stores.
  • TextNow - Free texts and phone calls in the U.S. and Canada. Seriously.
  • GasBuddy - It has all the prices for nearby gas stations, making it easy to find the lowest ones.

Home Options

  • LED Lights - They use less electricity, cutting your electric bill.
  • Smart Thermostats - Cool specific rooms. Turn off the AC when you're away from home. Personalized schedules. Keep the bill low.

Tech Tips

  • Buy your media digitally. Physical DVDs and CDs are much more expensive than the downloads.
  • Check websites for free movies and books. There's plenty of them out there.
  • Don't pay for video chats. Use free options to stay connected with family.

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