Doctors Remove 526 Teeth From 7-Year-Old Boy's Mouth

For four years, a seven-year-old boy in India named Ravindran had been complaining of mouth pain. Things got worse when his jaw started to swell so his parents, fearing he might have cancer, took him to Saveetha Dental College to be checked out. Doctors there performed a CT Scan and took X-rays and what they found left them shocked - there was a large lesion in the boy's mouth filled with hundreds of teeth.

To correct the issue, surgeons were called in. They removed a five-inch bag-like mass that contained 526 teeth varying in size - some just tiny particles, others actual teeth. Doctors called it the first-ever documented case in which a person has been found to have so many teeth. One compared it to "pearls in an oyster." It actually took them five hours to count out all of the pieces.

Apparently, over the four years of their son's pain, Ravindran's parents took him doctors but they couldn't really investigate the cause since he wouldn't cooperate. Now that the problem has been diagnosed and corrected, Ravindran's dad is thrilled. He stated, "I am very happy now that my child is fine. I am relieved. He is eating happily and leading a normal life."

Photo: Getty Images

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