#MustachePuppy Searching For His Forever Home

We must mustache you a question.

Are you willing to take in this adorable puppy to your home?

This adorable puppy with a handlebar mustache made of fur is in need of a new home.

This 5-week-old puppy, now known as the "Mustache Puppy", was part of a liter of 10 who were recently found as strays with their mother.

The person who rescued the puppy gas named her Salvador Dolly after the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali.

Wonder why?

Well they both share similarities of the same mustache.

Ever since Dolly's photos have touched the internet, he's gone viral.

How can he not?! He is so cute.

"Mustache pup. I'm dying!" wrote one Instagram user.

To apply, you can visit heartsandbonesrescue.com.

For more information, please read here.

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