BodyCam VIDEO: Woman Gets Aggressive w Police Officer and gets TASED!

Here is an example of what NOT to do when you are pulled over.

Meet Debra Hamil, 65 year-old woman who lives in Oklahoma. Just a normal day for Debra, probably out running errands.

See Debra gets pulled over by Oklahoma's finest.

Debra had a broken tail light. Ok, no fun BUT should've got that fixed but no big deal. It would be an $80 ticket.

She was NOT having that.

The officer asked Debra to sign the ticket and she is shocked that he isn't letting her off with a warning. He says something like "Why should I give you a warning

when you've been driving around like this for 6 months."


When the officer asks Debra to step out of the vehicle...she refused and drove off. Pursuit ensues! Brief, but a pursuit.

Debra came to her senses and pulled over in a parking lot, the cop approaches the vehicle w a gun and pulled her out of the truck.

The officer's body-cam catches her kicking and resisting arrest.

"You be fair, I'll be fair" - Uh doesn't work like that -


The officer deployed his Taser after she refused to put her hands behind her back. She refused any medical attention but was taken to the ER just to make she is "ok"!

Debra's day ended with the Kingfisher County District Attorney's office filing charges against Hamil for one felony assault on a police officer and one misdemeanor for resisting arrest.

Listen to Conway Crew's reaction below:

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