Watch this Runaway Tire Fly down the Freeway

A video featuring a runaway tire flying down the freeway and then slamming into a Jeep has gone viral.

John Rice is a police officer in Piscataway and he was the one who is in the Jeep when the tire slammed into it.

He said, "Initially I thought, 'Please don't hit my wife,' my wife's in the car in front of me, three kids in the car and that was going through my head: 'Please don't hit her'".

The video shows the tire rolling down the freeway before it swerves to the left, jumping the median and then hitting Rice's car.

Rice continued, "Out of nowhere a tire jumps across the median from the opposite direction into our side of the roadway. Didn't notice at the time but it struck the rear of my wife's car and came directly toward the front of my Jeep".

Allison Rice, John's wife said, "I instantly thought he was dead".

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt.

Fox News reports that New Jersey State Police detectives are looking into where exactly the tire came from.

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