USA Swimming Sued For Covering Up Sexual Abuse At Stockton Swim Club

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USA Swimming is now involved as defendants in a civil lawsuit against a Stockton, CA swim club over alleged sexual abuse of a 13-year old.

This case revolves around a 13-year-old swimmer who claims she was sexually abused by her swim coach, Shunichi Fujishima. This suit was filed in April and lays out numerous different occasions of allegations of grooming against the coach. It was originally filed against Pacific Swimming, Stockton Swim Club, Fujishima and most recently USA Swimming.

The plaintiff's attorney, Bob Allard, said in a press release today that their is new evidence that shows that USA Swimming knew about the abuse allegations, but covered them up and only gave the coach a warning.

The suit specifically points out USA Swimming CEO Tim Hinchey, and says that he was one of the high-ranking officials who was aware of the allegations made against Fujishima.

Allard's release says that then USA Swimming Safe Director Susan Woessner acknowledged receiving the same complaint on June 5, but choose to investigate the situation herself rather than contact the police. .

“With Hinchey and other high-ranking USA Swimming officials copied on the letter, Woessner simply issued a warning to the assistant coach, who continues to be a coach in good standing with USA Swimming and continues to have access young kids.”

It’s unclear when that letter was sent, but Allard’s release alleges that Hinchey was copied on the letter.

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Listen to John and Ken's conversation with the attorney representing the plaintiff below:

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