Graphic Video Shows Violent Bat Attack in Van Nuys

Van Nuys police are on the look out for a man who nearly killed someone with a baseball bat earlier this year. Investigators say the man who was attacked had met up with a couple of women for sex. However, LAPD Det. Peter Barba says it was all a set up for robbery.

"The victim was walking with the two females who he met on a social website."

The females who were walking with the victim from a hotel room lured the victim out to go get a beer. Los Angeles Police say that one of the women in the video signed for the man with the bat to approach. In the graphic video you can see the victim try and run away as the suspect traps in between cars in the parking lot. The victim falls to the ground where he's passed out and the suspect continues to hit him and hit him almost killing the victim.

Barba adds that the man was nearly unrecognizable after the attack suffering from a broken skull, multiple fractures, and a shattered face. Police say the suspect stole the mans wallet and cell phone.

Authorities have just released video of the attack in January to try to ID the people involved. The man who was attacked has now suffered permanent injuries. 

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