SHLS - Watch this Bear Walk into South Lake Tahoe City Hall

That's right! A bear walked into the South Lake Tahoe City Hall.

The automatic doors opened for the bear and it walked in. The bear went to the kitchen, hung out, and then walked right outside.

CBS News talked to a couple of residents who witnessed the event, Dave Radke and Robert Eplett.

Radke said, "That day was very interesting. Because I watched the bear come over and the bear walked over to those sliding doors walked into the corridor turned around and walked out".

Robert Eplett took pictures of the bear but said, "Yeah, it was pretty close I had a definite escape route. Safety first. If there were cubs involved I would have definitely been shooting through the window".

Ok, this isn't hard hitting news, but it's cute right?

Also, doesn't it feel like there are more of these bear sightings?

Anne Bryant is with the Bear League and she says, "Some of these bears have been born here, they've been born under someone's house, they've never known a life without people".

She also says that people who are new to the area do not take proper precautions such as securing trash cans.

So, what does Bryan Suits think about this? Listen below to find out!

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