Woman Attacks Spider-Man Statue Mistaking it for Satan's Horns

spiderman hands

A Nebraska woman has lashed out at city officials for committing a "hate crime" against Christianity because of a statue of Spider-Man that was placed at a local zoo.

Confused? Let me break it down...

In a letter to written to Lincoln city Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird, the unidentified woman says that the statue looks like Devil's horns.

"It is a sculpture of two hands open, painted red and black, and formed into Devil horns," the woman wrote, adding the statue is a "hate crime against the church."

However, the art project's director, Matt Schulte, points out that Spider-Man's hands are in that position for two reasons:

1) The sculpture is part of the local "Serving Hands Lincoln" art display and 2) he's shooting a web, BECAUSE HE'S SPIDERMAN AND THAT'S WHAT HE DOES.

"The sculpture is most definitely not a devil-related sculpture," Schulte says. "It clearly has a very playful child-like intent."

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