Heat Wave Gone; Another on the Way


LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The heat wave that began Thursday has dissipated, but another one is coming, forecasters said today.

The next heat wave should start Tuesday and last three or four days, said National Weather meteorologist Andrew Rorke. Its causes will include high pressure over the Four Corners area and decreasing offshore flow, just like the last one.

“Standard fare,” Rorke said, emphasizing there is nothing remotely exotic in these weather patterns. “It's summer.”

As has been the case for several days, the NWS forecast a combination of sunny and partly cloudy skies in L.A. County today, along with highs of 73 degrees in Avalon; 75 at LAX; 77 in Long Beach; 82 in Downtown L.A. and on Mount Wilson; 85 in Burbank and San Gabriel; 86 in Pasadena; 90 in Saugus; 91 in Woodland Hills; and 95 in Palmdale and Lancaster. Temperatures will remain roughly the same until Monday. But on Tuesday, Woodland Hills will be at 98, just like yesterday (Tuesday).

Partly cloudy and sunny skies were forecast today in Orange County, which was largely spare the heat wave, along with highs of 70 in Laguna Beach and San Clemente; 71 in Newport Beach; 73 on Santiago Peak; 78 on Ortega Highway at 2,600 feet; 79 in Fullerton and Mission Viejo; 81 in Trabuco Canyon, Anaheim and Irvine; and 82 in Fremont Canyon. Temperatures will remain roughly the same for several days before rising slightly Tuesday.

Photo: Getty Images

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