Father Teaches His Son To Swim In An Interesting Way

Well there's definitely different ways to teach your child how to swim.

You could do swim classes, take them in the pool yourself, or take up some

We're just not so sure this is the best way

Police say a Florida man threw is 5-year-old son into the Atlantic Ocean to teach the boy how to swim.

Station WBAL reports former Georgia state trooper Mitch Brown, who was vacationing in Daytona Beach, witnessed the child struggling amid large waves in deep water, as the father repeatedly dove off a nearby pier. He couldn't sit by and watch.

He confronted the man and escorted him to a nearby police officer who placed the "father" under arrest. John Bloodsworth faces child abuse and public intoxication charges.

While the child was visibly upset, Bloodsworth apparently wasn't - allegedly saying he was "going to jail for being awesome."

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't throw my son into the ocean.

Here's to hoping he's not scarred forever.

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