This Town Had A Party For A Cat, But The Cat Didn't Even Bother To Show Up

There's a cat in Ruddington, Nottinghamshire that is quite literally the "king" of the town.

They all call him the "King of Ruddington" to be exact. And the villagers decided to throw him a huge party in honor of his 10th birthday... But there was only one problem.

The cat didn't show up.

(But that didn't stop the party...)

Wilbur, the King of Ruddington, is very well-known around the village. He used to have an "owner", but he left that home when she adopted two other kittens... Now, Wilbur roams free in Ruddington and goes wherever he pleases.

And if he doesn't want to show up to his own 10th birthday party? Don't worry, he won't!

Read the full story on BBC News.

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