Watch This Manta Ray Ask A Diver For Help In Australia

Manta rays may look intimidating, but apparently they get along with humans just fine!

For proof, look no further than this viral video taken in Australia:

The clip shows a huge manta ray -- about as big as a person -- approach a diver, seemingly looking for help after it got three fish hooks stuck on its face.

"You could see she was trusting us because she was unrolling and showing us the hooks," Jake Whilton said.

The video shows Whilton grab some pliers and get to work.

"Jake went down again and again and again," Whilton's diving partner, Monty Halls, said. "The animal didn't move away because I think the manta knew that he was trying to get the hooks out."

After Whilton successfully removed the fish hooks, the manta ray appeared to show its appreciation by hanging around for a few minutes before jetting off into the depths of the ocean.

"It was an extraordinary half hour or so," Halls says, "and such a clear illustration that these animals have intelligence, trust, and a strong association with folks who treat them with respect."

Check out the full story on ABC7.

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