California Credit Card Thief Caught... Thanks To His Name Tag

The list of robbers who have gotten busted thanks to really dumb mistakes chalks up another name!

A man that was suspected by California police of using an elderly person's credit cards for months was finally arrested on Monday.

Seen on security camera footage, the Placer County Sheriff's Office announced on Thursday that Chris Thomason had been caught... because he was wearing his name tag. Thomason was arrested on July 8 after officers say he was caught using the stolen credit cards while wearing a "Chris" name tag on his shirt.

"Remember Chris?." the Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook:

"You helped us ID him within 20 minutes! His full name is Chris Thomason, and after a brief out-of-state hiatus, he has returned to California. We’re happy to report he was arrested on July 8th by the Rancho Cordova Police Department."

According to the Sheriff's Office, Thomason is now facing identity theft charges and will be extradited to Placer County.

Read the full report on Fox News.

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