Mother Arrested After Children Found Riding In A Pool On The Roof Of SUV

An Illinois mother was arrested after police say her two daughters rode on the roof of her SUV while sitting in an inflatable pool. Police say that 49-year-old Jennifer A. Janus Yeagerhad inflated the pool at a friends house and asked her two daughters to hold it down while she drove home.

A concerned citizen called the police after they saw Yeager driving over a bridge with two kids on the roof. When police arrived in the area, they located Yeager's SUV andpulled her over. Her teenage daughter and younger child were still sitting on the roof when the officers stopped the vehicle.

Yeager was taken into custody andcharged with two counts endangering the health or life of a childand two counts of reckless conduct. She was also given a ticket for failure to secure a passenger over the age of 8 and under the age of 16.

She was released from jail after posting bond.

Photo: Dixon Police Department

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