Case Of Beer Used As Booster Seat For 2-Year-Old

Photo: Ontario Provincial Police

Apparently using a case of beer as a booster seat for a 2-year-old is frowned upon, as one Canadian man has just learned...

Who knew?!

According to their press release, when the Ontario Provincial Police pulled over a driver at 2:30 am on Tuesday, the officer noticed "a small child seated on a 30-can case of beer." The 22-year-old driver said he was using the case of beer as a substitute because he didn't have a booster seat for the child.

Ontario Provincial Police report that the child was not injured. However, the 22-year-old suspect was charged with failure to ensure the toddler was properly secured, and reported to the Family and Children's Services.

Officers say the driver has not yet been identified because they want to protect the child's privacy.

Check out more details on CTV News.

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