The Evolution of Epstein

Financier Jeffrey Epstein has a thing for girls. Epstein has been arrested a second time on charges of sex trafficking in Florida and now also in New York. He was sentenced in 2008 to 18 months in a Palm Beach "jail," but ended up doing 13. (It was anything but hard time.) 

In Mating Matters, Dr. Wendy Walsh digs through the evolutionary reason a man with boundless resources goes to the dark side. And despite a bottomless stash of cash, he and other men like him can't do it alone. You know what, though? Times. They are a-changin'.

Mating Matters is a podcast that includes and examines content meant for adults. It may not be appropriate for younger listeners.

Dr. Wendy Walsh uses science, personal interviews and pop culture to reveal that mating strategy is the secret evolutionary motivation for most every human behavior. Even when we are not thinking about sex, our ancient programming makes us respond to reproductive cues that impact just about every decision we make. Using evolutionary psychology, Mating Matters examines relationships, sexuality, and how society and culture shape human behavior.

Listen to Dr. Wendy's take on Jeffrey Epstein and other men like him.

And if you want to do a deep dive in to some of the evolutionary reasons for animal attraction, sexual assault, prostitution, and how money plays a significant role (plus a whole lot more), listen below - then SUBSCRIBE.

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