Violent Disneyland's Toontown Fight Captured on Video

Disneyland guest were shocked Saturday Night when a family fun trip quickly turned into a violent scene. Family members were caught on camera by a bystander having an argument that escalated into a full-on brawl.

In the video you can see a woman spit in a mans face and in turn, he punches her repeatedly. He then turns around to knock another woman down and punch her, accusing her of hitting his mother.

After Anaheim police arrived on scene, they attempted to interview the victims, but none were cooperating, ABC reports.

Since posted this weekend, the video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views online. Anaheim police have recently become aware of the footage and are working to pursue criminal charges.

Disney released a statement saying "We do not condone this behavior."

Warning - The Video Below Contains Graphic Language!

Video credit: SJP35 Productions

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